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🌟 Title: Time to Hook and Roll! 🤘🔥💻

Hey peeps, we dive into browser hooking using JavaScript, Ok? 🚀🌐 Today, we’ll explore some awesome techniques and tools that will blow your mind. Let’s get this hooking party started! 💪😎 1️.- Pooling HTTP? Nah, it’s all about BEEF! 🐄🔥Forget about pooling HTTP, ‘cause we got something juicier - BEEF! 🥩🍔 BEEF stands for Browser Exploitation Framework..

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🕵️ JSReciver v0.0 - Intercepting the Web, One Request at a Time! 🕵️

https://github.com/jomoza/rejsciver Let’s talk about my last GitHub project called JSReciver. This JavaScript script is a real game-changer when it comes to intercepting HTTP requests and doing some sneaky stuff. You won’t believe what this script can do! 🎯 What can JSReciver intercept?JSReciver can intercept various types of HTTP requests made by differ..

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