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web recon cheat sheet

pentesting ad lab



This is my simple AD lab in which the most basic vulnerabilities on these environments are exploited to get a taste of the pentesting techniques that are applied like in realistic environments.

πŸ–§ Dia 1: HCE - Day 1_ Starting booting πŸ₯· https://loveisinthe.net/BLEACH.local-LAB/HCE%20-%20Day1_%20Starting%20booting.pdf
πŸ–§ Dia 2: HCE - Day 2_ Not my neighbour πŸ₯· https://loveisinthe.net/BLEACH.local-LAB/HCE%20-%20Day2_%20Not%20my%20neighbour.pdf
πŸ–§ Dia 3: HCE - Day 3_ Blessed ignorance πŸ₯· https://loveisinthe.net/BLEACH.local-LAB/HCE%20-%20Day3_%20Blessed%20ignorance.pdf
πŸ–§ Dia 4: HCE - Day 4_ Sharping axes πŸ₯· https://loveisinthe.net/BLEACH.local-LAB/HCE%20-%20Day4_%20Sharping%20axes.pdf
πŸ–§ Dia 5: HCE - Day 5_ All is in mind πŸ₯· https://loveisinthe.net/BLEACH.local-LAB/HCE%20-%20Day5_All%20is%20in%20mind.pdf
πŸ–§ Dia 6: HCE - Day 6_ Untitled πŸ₯· https://loveisinthe.net/BLEACH.local-LAB/HCE%20-%20Day6_Untitled.pdf
πŸ–§ Dia 7: HCE - Day 7_ Malwarocalypse πŸ₯· https://loveisinthe.net/BLEACH.local-LAB/HCE%20-%20Day7_Malwarocalypse.pdf
πŸ–§ Dia 8: HCE - Day 8_ Are you winning son? πŸ₯· https://loveisinthe.net/BLEACH.local-LAB/HCE%20-%20Day8_Are%20you%20winning%20son%3F.pdf
πŸ–§ Dia 9: HCE - Day 9_Tick-Tac-Toe πŸ₯· https://loveisinthe.net/BLEACH.local-LAB/HCE%20-%20Day9_Tick-Tac-Toe.pdf
πŸ–§ Dia 10: HCE - Day 10_Muddy road πŸ₯· https://loveisinthe.net/BLEACH.local-LAB/HCE%20-%20Day10_Muddy%20road.pdf